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 H  oneymoon Registry 
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A Honeymoon Travel Registry is a great way for family and friends to play a special role in making your dreams a reality.

We can help you plan the perfect dream getaway for you and your financé.

How do we get started?

It’s simple. Just give us a call and we can set up your registry over the phone. We just require names and contact information. You don’t even need to have a wedding date set!

How do guests make a contribution?

It works like a gift registry. Friends and family can choose an amount they wish to contribute towards your honeymoon. They can also nominate to make it known or keep it confidential.

We will  provide you with a reference number and registry cards for your guests if you so choose.  Your guests can then pay via direct deposit or via credit card using this reference. 

Another way that your guests may wish to contribute is via American Express Membership Points. All they need to do is contact us.

What are honeymoon registry cards?

These are small, attractive cards that can compliment your save the date invite. They very politely announce that you would love to receive contributions towards your honeymoon as a wedding gift.   

How does it work with payment?

As family and friends call we will receipt the money into your honeymoon account and immediately email a receipt to them.  At anytime we can provide you with a list of the contributions as an update. Please keep in mind some guests may elect to keep their contribution amount confidential in which case we will have a blank section next to their name. 

What if we want to wait until later to book our honeymoon?

Not a problem! We can hold your registry open for you, for 12 months post your wedding day. You need not travel within the 12 months, just simply commence itinerary planning/booking in that time.

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